Next generation Irrigation control

Step ahead of the crowd with next generation commercial controllers incorporating revolutionary soil moisture sensing technology - true closed loop irrigation.



Suited to both Agricultural & Commercial irrigation.

Our fully automatic controllers deliver precisely the right amount of water at precisely the right time.   

  • Polytunnel Ag
  • Horticulture
  • Municipal & Government green spaces
  • Sport fields
  • Green walls/roofs


Proven water efficiency that surpasses even the best ET Satellite and weather station systems whilst improving plant health and quality.

Significant water and labour cost savings, pristine installations and improved yield.

Don't take our word for it, our Independent Research page details multiple scientific studies proving our claim. 

Easy retrofit into existing installations.


Integrating seamlessly with Acclima's world-renowned digital TDT soil moisture sensors, our commercial controllers deliver fully automatic irrigation control with class leading water savings. 

The patented Acclima Digital TDT® Soil Moisture Sensor is the first moisture sensor to incorporate the accuracy of digitized Time Domain Transmissometry in a low-cost instrument, providing highly accurate absolute readings of soil moisture (within ±1% accuracy) under all conditions of temperature and soil chemistry under which crops will grow. 

No other sensor on the market matches its accuracy and absolute stability. Independent test data from the Center for Irrigation Technology and other leading soil physicists verifies this extraordinary claim and are available upon request.

When used in conjunction with an Acclima Controller, the Acclima TDT Sensor allows fully automatic Suspended Cycle® or Water on Demand® Irrigation resulting in precisely the right amount of water delivered only when needed.


The SC24/36 controller offers stand alone autonomous solutions for up to 24 or 36 zones.