New Auger-friendly TDR-310S Released

In response to strong customer demand, we've released a cylindrical variant of our TDR sensor - the TDR-310S. 

With it's 1" diameter cylindrical shape it's designed for vertical installation mounted on a standard PVC pipe into an augered hole, allowing simpler installation to a precise depth. Pressing the 10cm waveguide rods into the undisturbed soil at the base of the hole further improves accuracy.


University of Western Sydney (UWS) Drought Experiment

The University of Western Sydney has just commenced their 2 year drought study. Experimenting with the drought tolerance of various species of Eucalypts, UWS required very specific irrigation control hardware for the job. Some of the specifications:

  • 95 irrigation zones
  • All zones requiring independent, specifically controlled soil moisture levels
  • Flow control
  • High and low moisture threshold cutoffs
  • Simultaneous zone irrigation
  • Remote management
  • Error reporting

Landscape Technologies specified, installed and commissioned 2 x Acclima CS3500 controllers, 95 x TDT Soil Moisture Sensors, flow meters, and drip irrigation rings for each of their 455 bagged Eucalyptus tress inside a poly tunnel on site at the UWS Richmond campus.



The New Acclima TDR-315 is here

The Acclima TDR has been years in development. Acclima's Scott Anderson has developed and patented a FULLY INTEGRATED Digital TDR sensor - a world first.

Miniaturising the required electronics to generate, analyse and output the TDR waveforms with rise times in the Pico seconds, Scott has perfected the very first standalone TDR sensor.

With all of the benefits of a traditional TDR, but without the cumbersome coaxial cable and signal generation and analysis equipment, we now have a portable TDR sensor with no external electronics requirements, providing soil moisture, permittivity, temperature and conductivity (EC) via an SDI-12 Ver 1.3 compliant interface. Just plug and play!