what we do

Acclima factory importer of cutting edge soil moisture hardware for use in Agriculture & Research.

  • TDR & TDT Soil Moisture Sensors.
  • Low cost SDI-12 Data Loggers.
  • Telemetry & web-based monitoring solutions


Why is our System the best?

TDR is recognised as the benchmark technology for soil moisture measurement. 

Acclima's patented TDR sensors are the world's first and only fully integrated SDI-12 TRUE TDR sensors.

Precision agriculture never looked so precise!

But don't take our word for it...

True TDR systems are accurate to +/- 0.02 inch/inch water content in most soils without calibration. The capacitance sensors are much less accurate
— Dr Steve Evett, USDA-ARS.
True TDR systems are accurate enough to allow irrigation scheduling according to a management allowed depletion approach in which the sensor data are used to see if the soil water content is approaching a value that would damage yield, so that an irrigation can be applied in time.

Also, the data are accurate enough to tell us how much water can be applied without filling the soil so much that deep percolation occurs. Other sensors are not accurate enough to avoid letting the soil get so dry that yield potential is compromised.”
— Dr Steve Evett, USDA-ARS.
Work confirmed that Acclima’s TDR employs true time domain measurement methods (waveform analysis) and has the accuracy of conventional TDR
— Dr Steve Evett, Soil Scientist, USDA
Acclima sensors are as accurate as the highest frequency, very expensive, research sensors.
— Utah State University.