Fully Automatic Closed Loop Irrigation Control for use with Acclima TDT Soil Moisture Sensors

The SC24/36 controllers are 24/36 zone controllers that incorporate cutting edge moisture sensing technology to prevent over-watering. It employs Acclima Digital TDT® moisture sensors with many easy-to-use features for optimum irrigation efficiency.


Using Acclima Digital TDT® moisture sensors, these controllers measure the amount of moisture in the soil and suspend watering if the soil is sufficiently wet. It can set, maintain and monitor any desired moisture level completely automatically. Watering programs are defined similar to traditional timers; however the controller only waters if the soil needs it. During the hottest part of the year, soil moisture is depleted more rapidly and the system will water more frequently. When the temperature cools, or a rainstorm occurs, the system will inhibit watering until the moisture level in the ground falls below the "turn on" threshold.


Each of the zones can be set to one of two modes of operation: as a sensor controlled zone as described above, or as a traditional timed zone. The SC24 and SC36 can water multiple zones simultaneously and easily accommodates both drip and spray zones. You can even optimize your water source usage with Acclima's intelligent flow control.



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Suspended Cycle® systems are set like a traditional timer controller, with watering schedules, start times and durations. The difference is that the system will inhibit (suspend) the next scheduled irrigation program when there is sufficient moisture in the soil. The system constantly monitors soil moisture levels and will only permit the scheduled watering if the soil needs more water.

In Suspended Cycle® systems, the user sets the "moisture threshold." Before running the scheduled watering program, the controller takes a moisture reading from the sensor. If the moisture level is at or above the "moisture threshold" the controller will suspend (or cancel) the watering program. If the moisture level is below the "moisture threshold" the controller will permit the program to water.

In this example, the controller is programmed to irrigate every day. However, it actually irrigates only when the moisture level is below the set moisture threshold of 25% (user adjustable).  Note the rain that caused the controller to suspend irrigation for several days automatically. After the rainstorm, hotter weather caused the controller to water more frequently.  Suspended Cycle® Irrigation is easy to setup. Set your moisture threshold and set your controller to water as often as possible, then let the controller take care of the rest.  Suspended Cycle® Irrigation encourages deep root growth while it conserves water by allowing the soil to dry down to the "moisture threshold".