Kununurra, Sullivan's creek and Darwin

When we got back to Kununurra we were all really happy because we would be sleeping in our caravan again. We stayed at a campsite called Ivanhoe in Kununurra for a night.

When we left Ivanhoe we stayed at a free camp at Sullivan's creek. We left early and stopped at Katherine and then at Adelaide river. We played in a playground and did some basketball (even though it's none of our favourite sports). That night we made it all the way back to Darwin and we stayed at freespirit again! We also went to the Mindil beach markets and Angus got a whip. We had dinner there and we had baramundi.

The next day we went to the beachfront and had a swim, then we went to the Darwin Museum and gallery and we looked at the biggest saltwater croc ever caught. There was also the huge cyclone called Tracy that wiped out a lot of houses and it was so strong it bent power line poles that were steel. The winds were going at 300km per hour!!! After the Museum we went to Leanyer water park and it was free!!! There were three slides- a blue, yellow and red. The red was my favourite because there were floating rings that you could go on two at a time and it was also the longest- 128m! On our first go on the red we didn't know what it was going to be like and when we went on it it turned pitch black in the first 3 seconds‼️The other slides were smaller so we couldn't go on the rings in them. The yellow slide was 103m and the blue was 115m! At the water park there was a huge bucket that fills up and tips, we went under that a few times and then we left.


The left photo was taken before Cyclone Tracy and the right photo was taken after Cyclone Tracy.