Kurumba and the Gulf of Carpentaria

Today it was my Dad's birthday and also the 100th day of our trip‼️ We got to the Gulf of Carpentaria and the town there was called Kurumba. First we went to the Burke and Wills camp 119, the northernmost camp on their mission to try to get to the Gulf and back from  Melbourne. At the camp there were 15 trees that were marked by John King and Charles Grey so that they could prove that they got there. They were meant to look after the camp while Burke and Wills went to try to get to the water but they didn't get there because they were running out of water and food. Tonight we watched the sunset and then went to our campsite we got the cake that we made and gave it to Daddy after we had a peice we went to bed. 

Two days after we went on a fishing tour on a boat. It took us half an hour to get out there and when we got to the fishing spot they the boat driver gave us some fishing rods. As soon as we started fishing  Ed caught a little fish but it was too small to keep. Not long after that he caught another one and it was a 45cm and 4kg Salmon! Ed caught the next fish again and it was big enough. Someone else on the boat caught one and it was a huge fish even bigger than the Salmon but for that type of fish it wasn't big enough. Daddy caught a Salmon and it was bigger than Ed's one, Angus caught a Salmon after daddy too! I got a fish that was way too small and Daddy got another one that was called a Devil fish and it's sting is 10 times worse than a blue ringed octopus. 


This is out the back of the boat. 


This is a tree that they calved.


This is a sign of the expodition and the person on the top is Robert Burke and the next is William Wills, the scond bottom is John King and the bottom is Charles Grey.