Mount Isa and Cloncurry

On Thursday we went to Mount Isa and while my Dad went to the shops the rest of the family went to BCF to see if we could get a crossbow and maybe something for my Dad's birthday. They didn't have anything that would be good for my Dad and no crossbows. At Mount Isa they mine Copper, Led, Zinc and Silver. We had lunch and then kept driving until Cloncurry. First we went to the Royal Flying Doctor Service museum and it had videos of them helping people and it had model planes. The starter of it all was John Flynn and he is the person on the 20 dollar note! The lady at the counter said that at the back of the museum was an old car from the 1930's  and she also said that we could play in it. The car was up on a platform and inside it it had gears, an accelarator, a brake and a clutch. After that we went to the Qantas hangar because my Mum and Dad really wanted to because they are both Qantas pilots. It is special because it is where the first Qantas flight landed in 1922 and the hangar hasn't been changed since then. It was very lucy that my Mum and Dad had their ID's because there was security and if they didn't have them we wouldn't have been allowed to go on the runway or in the hangar. Qantas stands for: Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service. 


This is the lookout looking out on Mount Isa.


The Qantas hangar.