Purnululu national park (the Bungle Bungles)

On the way to Purnululu national park we stayed at a caravan park next to a roadhouse called Roebuck Plains. We got there a bit late but my Mum still had a swim in the pool. The next day my Dad really wanted to see one of the road trains while their stopped so we went over to the roadhouse and there were some road trains there getting fuel and two drivers (a Mum and Dad) let us go in their road train. They let us beep the horn and it was really loud! They said that the road train was 56m long because they had 3 trailers and sometimes they have 4 trailers! When we left we followed them but when we got to Purnululu national park we stopped there but they kept going on for 24 hours! At Purnululu national park we first did a walk to Echidna Chasm that was between two ginormous rocks and some bits of the rock had fallen off but luckily got stuck between the rocks in lower parts. The walk to Echidna Chasm curved a lot and the rangers had to put ladders on some parts because they were too steep to climb. After that we looked at the domes and went to a lookout. The domes looked like bee hives because they had stripes that were black and orange. At the end of the day we went to a different lookout and watched the sun shine fading off the huge rocks.

 This is me in the road train  

This is me in the road train  

 This is how long it is. 

This is how long it is. 

 This is me in front of it. 

This is me in front of it. 


This is Cathedral Gorge. 


These are the domes or bee hives.


This is us looking at one of the rocks that had fallen off the bigger rocks.


This s the lookout that we went to. 


Here are my brothers and me standing in front of the domes.


This is the other lookout we went to. 


This is the sunset lookout.


Here I am with my brothers and my Dad.