Arnhem Land

These are the trees that we cut for spears.⬇️


This is me next to a tree that we used for bullman. A bullman is a piece of wood that we chop and carve. We put little pieces of wood on the end so that they stick into the back of the spear and. You are supposed to hold on to the bullman and move your arm really fast then suddenly stop but you don't let go of it so the spear goes further than throwing it with your hand.⬇️


This an Aboriginal making a fish 🐟 spear for me. ⬇️


I am putting paper bark on fire and letting it float across the water.⬇️ 


This is a bushfire that we started‼️⬇️(Your only allowed to do that in Arnhem Land). 


This is my brothers, Hunter, Ella and me.⬇️