Katherine, shady lane (not shady)


We did a four hour drive to our campsite and we were lucky because there was a pool 🏊 so we went in it straight away because we were very hot. When we came back from the pool my brothers, our friends and I put the tent ⛺️ up and we got a treat for doing it. We played some games like knock knock (a card game) and spot it. In the morning we went on a 2 hour cruise (it's not a cruise ship) at Katherine gorge and we saw 3 freshwater crocs and a saltwater croc trap! The deepest bit in the gorge was 4️⃣0️⃣ metres deep‼️We had to walk a little because there was a bit were the boat couldn't get through. When we got off the cruise we went to Katherine thermal springs. At the springs there was a top part and a bottom part and a bridge that went over it we started at the top and flowed into the bottom where there was a tiny waterfall and we went down it. When we came back we went in the pool again and by the time we got back to our caravan it was dinner time and Tom and I did the cooking. 


Here's a croc‼️