Cygnet Bay, Pearl farm

When we left we went to a Pearl farm in Cygnet Bay and we did a tour. The tour went for an hour, but it was really cool. They told us that Pearls are made by oysters, this is how they make them: first they get an oyster out from the ocean, then they put a ball of Mother of Pearl (which is made from the oyster shell) in the shell, they put it back in the ocean in a net so that the oysters can create a layer of pearl over the small ball, but sometimes the oysters spit it out, after that they bring them out and open the shell to see if they got a Pearl inside. At the end we got to see the second biggest Pearl in the Australia  (which is Cygnet Bay's biggest one).


This is the second biggest Pearl in Australia.


This is me holding one of the oyster shells.  


The small ball on the right is a Pearl and the one on the left is the Mother of Pearl ball.


This is me holding the Pearl.