Kooljaman, Cape Leveque

When we finished the Gibb river road we stayed in Derby for 1 night. The next day we drove to Broome and watched the sunset. When we woke up we drove on a very rough road to Cape Leveque, Kooljaman where we stayed in a hut made of wood and branches right on the beach and we slept in a sleeping bag on the sand. Kooljaman is owned by the local Bardi Jawi people. The beach was very white and the water was sometimes aqua, blue and greenish/blue because a microscopic organism that changes colour in the water. While we were staying there we did an aeroplane flight on a Cessna 210 which only had room for our family. We flew over to Horizontal Falls and Liam (the pilot) told us that Horizontal Falls are the 2 gaps between rocky islands where the water rushes through this happens because there are such huge tides around here, 11 metres difference between high tide and low tide! Liam also told us that people say that there are more than a thousand islands around here, but no one really knows. We saw 9 humpback 🐋 whales with their calves‼️


This is the sunset from our hut.


This is us with the pilot.


This is Kooljaman East beach. 


This is Hunter river. 


This is Cape Leveque.