Wangi falls and Buley's rock hole


At Wangi falls we were going to do a walk before we went in the water 💦 but when we felt the water we wanted to go in straight away (the girls still did the walk). We swam out to where some other people were and they were in a really cool rock hole. After the other people got out we went in and it was very warm. When we were in there Tom thought he saw a crocodile egg but my dad dove down and he couldn't get it and he said it was quartz. When we got out we swam to the water fall and we held onto the rocks and jumped into it so it pushed us away.

 We went to Buley's rock hole after and there were lots of little deep rock holes leading into other ones. On some of the deep ones we did pin drops and pencil drops but we still couldn't touch the bottom. Tom slipped down one of the small water falls (about a metre) and he said it was fun😀.