Kings Canyon


After we left that Uluru campsite we drove to a kings canyon campsite that was really good. We straight away got the fire 🔥going with little sticks and then we put the big logs on. When we were toasting marshmallows Angus said that he could taste the difference between the white and pink marshmallows so we did a blind taste test on him. I cooked the marshmallow for him and I got to see the colour of it and it was white. Angus said "obviously it's pink" but when we told him he got it wrong he said that he could only do it with the normal ones because for a treat we got the jumbo sized ones. The next day we woke up and drove to kings canyon. There was a 6km walk and the first bit to get up to the height of it was really steep and was just less than a kilometre going up. Further along the way there was a vertical drop and we went right up to the edge on our and lay down with our heads looking down it. I could see someone's hat 🎩 on the ground down there. On the the walk we there was a orange walk a green one and a blue one, we did the blue one because it was the hardest but it was still very easy. There was a bit off the side on the blue track that was really scary because it was hanging over the edge of the canyon and it wasn't that thick. We saw some people that said that they came to the canyon the day before and they saw someone sitting on it with their feet hanging off the edge 😬‼️After the canyon walk, we drove on Mereenie loop which is a very bumpy road and when we were driving my dad didn't see the dip in the road because we were going up a hill and it was at the top of the hill so when he drove over it we got a big shock.