Uluru and Kata Tjuta


This morning we headed towards Uluru‼️We drove a very long way on the road it was about 4 HOURS. I kept asking how long until we would be able to see Uluru and they (my family) were always saying, "not long" but then my mum said that she could see it so me and my brothers were looking really hard to see it and then I saw it, Angus saw it and then Ed. When we got closer we could see it very well but it wasn't actually Uluru it was Mount Conner. Mount Conner is just a few metres shorter than Uluru, Uluru is 348m tall above the ground level and is 863m above sea level, Mt              Conner is 344m above ground level and 859m above the sea⁉️We stayed at the Uluru campground ⛺️ for 2️⃣ nights, the 2nd day Angus and me hired bikes 🚴🏼 so that we could ride around Uluru‼️My mum RAN around Uluru, WOW!!! Uluru is 10 KM around the whole base, but the walk or run 🏃 or bike 🚴🏼 track is actually 15 KM and that's the one that we did. After we went on the ride our whole family went to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). When you go on the Olgas walk you are allowed to walk through them which is the fun part. The walk is 8km long, Ed and I ran about 5km of the way‼️The Olgas were really BIG. In between two of them it was very windy 💨 because the wind is blowing around anywhere and then when the wind comes to that spot in between those two Olgas it goes faster as it needs to get through a smaller space. 






Here is a time lapse video of Uluru from our campsite early in the morning. ⬇️