Muloorina station, Lake Eyre


Muloorina station was the next place we stopped. We thought It was pretty good 😊 as soon as we got there because when we were driving through a man came up to us and said that there was a very good spot over there by the water 💦 so we went over and then another person came up to us and said that there was a really hot 🔥spring that was about 45 degrees‼️ We went in the spring but didn't stay in so long because we got too hot. In the morning the next day we drove to Lake Eyre, the explorer who found Lake Eyre was called Edward John Eyre. Lake Eyre only gets filled about once every 30/50 years‼️Lake Eyre was all salt because it only gets filled when it rains⛈☔️really hard in Queensland and that has only happened a few times. At Lake Eyre we wrote some words but it was really hard. There is a photo down there ⬇️⬇️⬇️.        Tonight we stayed at the side of the Oodnadatta track, when we got there there were already people there and they were BLASTING really loud music 🎶 (which was annoying). Straight away we walked around trying to find some small sticks to put on the fire 🔥. We got the fire going very easily and then we put some big logs on so that it would be going for a while.