Farina and bakery


The next day we woke up in Farina, Farina was an old town that nobody was in it and it had wrecks of old police 👮 stations and a very old underground bakery that had these doors 🚪 and inside them there were long oven that went back about 2 to 3 metres❗️ If you were one of the people who run the bakery now then you would use it by  baking the bread 🍞 and then bringing it up to the shop and on some pieces of bread you would put icing on and then roll it in coconut and sugar so it would be a finger bun! They also made scrolls, cream buns and left some just bread. We got to have a finger bun because we weren't being annoying to my brothers‼️ Farina was the best campsite so far❗️