Angus's birthday


Today we drove to 2️⃣ springs one was a bore spring and the other is a natural spring. The spring that you weren't allowed to swim in was called the bubbler because it was bubbling a lot and it was warm. Coward springs was like a spa because it had been built around it but it was only about 25 degrees. Natural springs happen when a lot of rain 💦falls into a huge hole in Queensland and goes very deep underground but comes up to the surface because the top of where the rain comes in is higher than where it would come out, it pushers the surface up and makes a big mound where the spring stays and flows I put a pic tyre of the map down below. After we went in the springs we got to William creek hotel (it was a bar that you could stay the night) my brothers and I all got to have a hot chocolate 🍫 but we had to drink it fast because we might spill it. Tonight we got to Anna Creek Station we went and camped next to lake Cadibarrawirracanna (that's the longest word I know! 19 letters) we were the only ones there, so no one could look 👀 at us. We were in the world's 🌏 biggest cattle 🐮 station. That morning we woke up and it was the 16 of June which is Angus's birthday 🎉 so we drove to the shops and got Angus a cake 🎂 and after the shops we got to the campsite and had dinner for dessert we ate the ice cream cake! YUM‼️