When we got to Toowoomba we planned to stay at the Showgrounds for two nights. We played rugby, soccer and scootered on a smooth concrete patch. My brothers and I made up a game on the scooters and it was a race to the first line and then we had to stop before the second line otherwise if you went past the second line you would be disqualified. We played that on the first day and then on the eons day we played it again and just before our Mum and Dad were going to get us to tell us that we had to go Ed and Angus raced and Angus tried to put his foot on the brake before te second line but he missed and fell over the handle bars putting his hand out to brake his fall but he came down too fast and his bone went the wrong way and snapped. The ambulance came and luckily there was a hospital 6km away so they took him there. My Mum stayed with him for the first night in hospital and our Dad stayed with Ed and I. Our Mum and Dad were going to swap every night and after the first night with our Dad at the Showgrounds we moved our caravan to a Big4 caravan park that had two pools, a spa and a small curly waterslide. When our Dad was staying with Angus we heard a small roar at first it was quiet and we thought it was a plane but then it got louder and it started hailing with hail the size of golf balls‼️Angus stayed in hospital for six days and nights and then we all got together again and drove to Brisbane where our cousins and friends live.


These are the drawings Ed and I did for Angus. 

 This is the X-ray of his bone. 

This is the X-ray of his bone. 


This is when it was hailing.


This is the hail the size of golf balls!