Hughenden and Winton

At Hughenden we went to a dinosaur museum and it had bones of a Muttaburasauras, it got found when a 12 year old boy was playing in his yard and suddenly saw one of the bones. He showed it to his mum and she didn’t think it was a bone so she used it as a door stop. A few days after he was playing around and he found a few more bones this time he showed them to his dad and his dad knew what they were. The whole family started digging for them and the found nearly the whole body. We watched a video in the museum and it showed us how the dinosaurs died out and how the world was created.

When we got to Winton we went to the Winton Club where the people who made Qantas thought of the idea of making Qantas. The people there were just volunteers and there were a lot of model planes hanging up. We stayed at the place where Banjo Patterson’s famous song ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was first performed in 1895.


These are some of the wings that you put on your shoulders and the gold shiny thing goes on your hat.


This is Captain Wayne Kearns’ Qantas hat. 


My mum is wearing the new Qantas hat and the rest of the family are wearing some of the first hats. 


This is the spot. 


Here is the Muttaburasauras.