At Townsville we stayed at a place called Rowes bay caravan park. It had a playground, a pool, a tennis court and a basket ball hoop. They had a free hire with basket balls, tennis racquets and DVDs. We stayed there for a week because my dad had to fly to somewhere so we had to stay in the same spot close to an airport. We went scootering on a path called the Strand a few times and it is a very long path that goes through the whole town, but we didn't go the full length because it was too far. On one of the days we went to a pirate expedition that had a big ship in it and everything about pirates. The people there gave us a sheet of paper that had a picture of a pirate that wasnā€™t finished and we had to finish it with stamps that they had hidden around the expedition. We found two cannons that blew out soft balls with fast blowing air and you had to try and hit the other person at the other cannon. After the cannons we saw some fake mice running around on the floor that were being projected by a projector on the roof, when you step on them or hit them hard they splatter on the floor and then disappear.