Friends at Ellis beach

A few days later we set up our tent and my brothers and I waited at the entrance for our friends Coby and Ayden to come. Coby is 11 and Ayden is 8, as soon as they got here we went body boarding and when we all caught a wave together we called it a 'party wave'!! The first thing we went away to do was Mossman gorge. The walk was in the rainforest and it was 2.5km long, the water was fresh so it was really cold. There were 2 spots to swim but we only swam in the second one because we didn't have enough time to do both.

The second day we went to two swimming spots- Babinda boulders and Josephine falls. first we went to Babinda boulders, it had 5 huge boulders that we climbed up and jumped off. One of them was so hard to get up that someone put a log on the side so it was easier.

After Babinda boulders we went to the second swimming place called Josephine falls. Josephine falls had three spots for swimming, we went to the bottom one and the top. At the top there was a slope going down so we climbed up it and jumped off. I liked the bottom one the best because it had a natural waterslide and it had bumps that we sped past‼️

That same day we drove past a sugar cane farm and we tasted the wet drops of sugar on our tongues and munched on the crunchy sugar cane fibres. It tasted a bit different to the sugar that they have already harvested.

My favourite thing that we did with Coby, Ayden and their family was the Great Barrier Reef. We got up at 6:30 and left at 7:20, when we got to the wharf we bought two disposable underwater cameras that could only take 26 photos. The cameras were old fashioned so they had a film instead of being digital. We went on a big speed boat like the fast ferry called Silver Sonic that went to the outer Barrier Reef. The crew took us to three different swimming spots. At the first spot we saw some Parrot fish that are green, purple, blue and fluro yellow and there were some Clown fish in bright orange coral. Angus said that he saw a turtle and when we got out the crew showed us a book about the fish in the barrier reef, they asked if anyone saw a turtle and showed us a picture of one and it was the same type that Angus saw. The second spot was my favourite because it was the most colourful, warm and shallow. There were a lot of Parrot fish and we saw some tiny light blue fish with a bright yellow stripe on the side. At the third spot we went with one of the crew and she showed us a giant clam and told us we could go down and swoosh around in the water above it with our hands to try and make it close. After that when we were getting our masks off on the boat a snorkler shouted turtle so we quickly put our things on and swam over to were he was and looked down. We saw it and it was very close so I dove down and swam next to it!

 This is a photo from our drone of Ellis beach. 

This is a photo from our drone of Ellis beach. 

 This is in front of our boat, Silversonic.

This is in front of our boat, Silversonic.


This is Coby, Angus and me.


This is in the cockpit. 


This is us standing on the front of the boat. Coby is next to Angus and I, Ayden is next to Ed and I. 


Mossman gorge. 


Josephine falls. 


Here I am chewing the sugar cane.