Cape York, Top of Australia 🇦🇺

When our friends left we left our caravan at Wonga beach and drove to the top in our car and a tent. On the way we stopped at what looked like a rocky beach but it was actually a beach where anyone can stop and make these things called cairns. They are rocks stacked up on other rocks into a pile and are usually used for marking a track. We made one each and then went on until we got to the Daintree rainforest. We did a walk and the rainforest centre gave us an audio guide each that told us about all the birds, cassowarries, trees, vines and whatever else there was. On the way we saw a sign that was in the dirt that said idiot fruit! At the end of the walk there were dinosaurs that moved and made sounds, there was one that was called Bullockornis planei or Demon-Duck of Doom. There was another one that looked like a bear and was called a Diprotodon. That night we stayed in the rain forest and had a fire. 

The next day we got to cape Tribulation where Captain Cook found the reef and it was very hard to get through and he called it 'Tribulation' because that's where his troubles started. We walked on the sand and the water was warm. After a bit more driving on a 4WD track we made it to Cooktown. When Captain Cook was trying to get ashore he hit the Great Barrier Reef and had to throw a few cannons over board to refloat the boat. We were hoping to go to the Captain James Cook museum but it was closed (so we went back the next day). We looked at the statue of Cook that was on the grass outside and went to Cook's lookout where he tried to find a way through the reef.

That day we camped at Alau beach and we could see the cape but we didn't want to go to the top that day because we wanted to spend a while there and it was getting late.

The day after we got to the top of Australia, Cape York! When we got to the top we walked on  the beach and then did a walk on rocks to the very top and there was a sign saying 'You are standing on the northernmost point of the Australian continent'.  

On the way back we went to a souvenir shop on the side of the road that was called ‘The Croc Tent’. I got a hat that said ‘Cape York top of Australia’ and Angus got a number plate with no numbers that also said ‘Cape York top of Australia’ and Ed got a painted rock of a turtle.

 This is me with the moving and sound making Dinosaurs. 

This is me with the moving and sound making Dinosaurs. 


A part of the old Telegraph track. We drove on the track but not this bit!


Fruit bat falls.


Fruit bat falls again.


Elliot falls. 


Twin falls.

 Cape Tribulation. 

Cape Tribulation. 

 This photo is taken from Cape York.

This photo is taken from Cape York.


Looking at the sunset from Alau beach. 


A tyre swing at Alau beach. 

 This is Alau beach. 

This is Alau beach. 


A brumbie on the side of the road. 


This is the DC3 crash site. 


The Top with the sign.