In Roma we got to a free camp really late and in the morning we went to the Roma cattle sale yards. At the sale yards there were auctioneers, helpers, buyers, a guy with a broom with paint and the person who writes who bought which cow. The auctioneers talked very fast so it was hard to understand them. The person with the broom painted a cow when no-one wanted it. The helpers helped with looking at the buyers and if one of them put up their finger up or hand or did a small manoeuvre then they would do a little shout to let the the person who writes out who bought which cow know.



When we got to Toowoomba we planned to stay at the Showgrounds for two nights. We played rugby, soccer and scootered on a smooth concrete patch. My brothers and I made up a game on the scooters and it was a race to the first line and then we had to stop before the second line otherwise if you went past the second line you would be disqualified. We played that on the first day and then on the eons day we played it again and just before our Mum and Dad were going to get us to tell us that we had to go Ed and Angus raced and Angus tried to put his foot on the brake before te second line but he missed and fell over the handle bars putting his hand out to brake his fall but he came down too fast and his bone went the wrong way and snapped. The ambulance came and luckily there was a hospital 6km away so they took him there. My Mum stayed with him for the first night in hospital and our Dad stayed with Ed and I. Our Mum and Dad were going to swap every night and after the first night with our Dad at the Showgrounds we moved our caravan to a Big4 caravan park that had two pools, a spa and a small curly waterslide. When our Dad was staying with Angus we heard a small roar at first it was quiet and we thought it was a plane but then it got louder and it started hailing with hail the size of golf balls‼️Angus stayed in hospital for six days and nights and then we all got together again and drove to Brisbane where our cousins and friends live.


These are the drawings Ed and I did for Angus. 

 This is the X-ray of his bone. 

This is the X-ray of his bone. 


This is when it was hailing.


This is the hail the size of golf balls!

Longreach, Qantas founders museum

At Longreach we stayed at a small camp just out of town, we left the caravan there and drove through town straight to the Qantas founders museum. The first thing we did at the museum was took a picture with our car in front of the huge 747. We booked a tour that started in 45 minutes and in the time we had before the tour we looked at the museum and they played a movie about the first people to fly for Qantas in the small AVRO’s, Hudson Fysh and Paul McGuiness. In the tour we went inside the 747 and on the second floor where first class is and we went in the B707 the one Michael Jackson flew in. We also went in the original Qantas hanger and outside it on the airport side and watched a Dash 8 take off above us. 

 The AVRO one of the first Qantas planes ever. 

The AVRO one of the first Qantas planes ever. 

 Hudson Fysh’s medals. 

Hudson Fysh’s medals. 


Us infrot of the 747.

 Us on one of the engines. 

Us on one of the engines. 

 In the cockpit of the 747. 

In the cockpit of the 747. 


The cockpit of the 707. 

 Out the front of the original Qantas hanger. 

Out the front of the original Qantas hanger. 


Watching the Dash 8 take off. 

Hughenden and Winton

At Hughenden we went to a dinosaur museum and it had bones of a Muttaburasauras, it got found when a 12 year old boy was playing in his yard and suddenly saw one of the bones. He showed it to his mum and she didn’t think it was a bone so she used it as a door stop. A few days after he was playing around and he found a few more bones this time he showed them to his dad and his dad knew what they were. The whole family started digging for them and the found nearly the whole body. We watched a video in the museum and it showed us how the dinosaurs died out and how the world was created.

When we got to Winton we went to the Winton Club where the people who made Qantas thought of the idea of making Qantas. The people there were just volunteers and there were a lot of model planes hanging up. We stayed at the place where Banjo Patterson’s famous song ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was first performed in 1895.


These are some of the wings that you put on your shoulders and the gold shiny thing goes on your hat.


This is Captain Wayne Kearns’ Qantas hat. 


My mum is wearing the new Qantas hat and the rest of the family are wearing some of the first hats. 


This is the spot. 


Here is the Muttaburasauras.


At Townsville we stayed at a place called Rowes bay caravan park. It had a playground, a pool, a tennis court and a basket ball hoop. They had a free hire with basket balls, tennis racquets and DVDs. We stayed there for a week because my dad had to fly to somewhere so we had to stay in the same spot close to an airport. We went scootering on a path called the Strand a few times and it is a very long path that goes through the whole town, but we didn't go the full length because it was too far. On one of the days we went to a pirate expedition that had a big ship in it and everything about pirates. The people there gave us a sheet of paper that had a picture of a pirate that wasn’t finished and we had to finish it with stamps that they had hidden around the expedition. We found two cannons that blew out soft balls with fast blowing air and you had to try and hit the other person at the other cannon. After the cannons we saw some fake mice running around on the floor that were being projected by a projector on the roof, when you step on them or hit them hard they splatter on the floor and then disappear. 


Cape York, Top of Australia 🇦🇺

When our friends left we left our caravan at Wonga beach and drove to the top in our car and a tent. On the way we stopped at what looked like a rocky beach but it was actually a beach where anyone can stop and make these things called cairns. They are rocks stacked up on other rocks into a pile and are usually used for marking a track. We made one each and then went on until we got to the Daintree rainforest. We did a walk and the rainforest centre gave us an audio guide each that told us about all the birds, cassowarries, trees, vines and whatever else there was. On the way we saw a sign that was in the dirt that said idiot fruit! At the end of the walk there were dinosaurs that moved and made sounds, there was one that was called Bullockornis planei or Demon-Duck of Doom. There was another one that looked like a bear and was called a Diprotodon. That night we stayed in the rain forest and had a fire. 

The next day we got to cape Tribulation where Captain Cook found the reef and it was very hard to get through and he called it 'Tribulation' because that's where his troubles started. We walked on the sand and the water was warm. After a bit more driving on a 4WD track we made it to Cooktown. When Captain Cook was trying to get ashore he hit the Great Barrier Reef and had to throw a few cannons over board to refloat the boat. We were hoping to go to the Captain James Cook museum but it was closed (so we went back the next day). We looked at the statue of Cook that was on the grass outside and went to Cook's lookout where he tried to find a way through the reef.

That day we camped at Alau beach and we could see the cape but we didn't want to go to the top that day because we wanted to spend a while there and it was getting late.

The day after we got to the top of Australia, Cape York! When we got to the top we walked on  the beach and then did a walk on rocks to the very top and there was a sign saying 'You are standing on the northernmost point of the Australian continent'.  

On the way back we went to a souvenir shop on the side of the road that was called ‘The Croc Tent’. I got a hat that said ‘Cape York top of Australia’ and Angus got a number plate with no numbers that also said ‘Cape York top of Australia’ and Ed got a painted rock of a turtle.

 This is me with the moving and sound making Dinosaurs. 

This is me with the moving and sound making Dinosaurs. 


A part of the old Telegraph track. We drove on the track but not this bit!


Fruit bat falls.


Fruit bat falls again.


Elliot falls. 


Twin falls.

 Cape Tribulation. 

Cape Tribulation. 

 This photo is taken from Cape York.

This photo is taken from Cape York.


Looking at the sunset from Alau beach. 


A tyre swing at Alau beach. 

 This is Alau beach. 

This is Alau beach. 


A brumbie on the side of the road. 


This is the DC3 crash site. 


The Top with the sign.

Friends at Ellis beach

A few days later we set up our tent and my brothers and I waited at the entrance for our friends Coby and Ayden to come. Coby is 11 and Ayden is 8, as soon as they got here we went body boarding and when we all caught a wave together we called it a 'party wave'!! The first thing we went away to do was Mossman gorge. The walk was in the rainforest and it was 2.5km long, the water was fresh so it was really cold. There were 2 spots to swim but we only swam in the second one because we didn't have enough time to do both.

The second day we went to two swimming spots- Babinda boulders and Josephine falls. first we went to Babinda boulders, it had 5 huge boulders that we climbed up and jumped off. One of them was so hard to get up that someone put a log on the side so it was easier.

After Babinda boulders we went to the second swimming place called Josephine falls. Josephine falls had three spots for swimming, we went to the bottom one and the top. At the top there was a slope going down so we climbed up it and jumped off. I liked the bottom one the best because it had a natural waterslide and it had bumps that we sped past‼️

That same day we drove past a sugar cane farm and we tasted the wet drops of sugar on our tongues and munched on the crunchy sugar cane fibres. It tasted a bit different to the sugar that they have already harvested.

My favourite thing that we did with Coby, Ayden and their family was the Great Barrier Reef. We got up at 6:30 and left at 7:20, when we got to the wharf we bought two disposable underwater cameras that could only take 26 photos. The cameras were old fashioned so they had a film instead of being digital. We went on a big speed boat like the fast ferry called Silver Sonic that went to the outer Barrier Reef. The crew took us to three different swimming spots. At the first spot we saw some Parrot fish that are green, purple, blue and fluro yellow and there were some Clown fish in bright orange coral. Angus said that he saw a turtle and when we got out the crew showed us a book about the fish in the barrier reef, they asked if anyone saw a turtle and showed us a picture of one and it was the same type that Angus saw. The second spot was my favourite because it was the most colourful, warm and shallow. There were a lot of Parrot fish and we saw some tiny light blue fish with a bright yellow stripe on the side. At the third spot we went with one of the crew and she showed us a giant clam and told us we could go down and swoosh around in the water above it with our hands to try and make it close. After that when we were getting our masks off on the boat a snorkler shouted turtle so we quickly put our things on and swam over to were he was and looked down. We saw it and it was very close so I dove down and swam next to it!

 This is a photo from our drone of Ellis beach. 

This is a photo from our drone of Ellis beach. 

 This is in front of our boat, Silversonic.

This is in front of our boat, Silversonic.


This is Coby, Angus and me.


This is in the cockpit. 


This is us standing on the front of the boat. Coby is next to Angus and I, Ayden is next to Ed and I. 


Mossman gorge. 


Josephine falls. 


Here I am chewing the sugar cane.

Ellis beach, Cairns

We were very lucky because when we got to Ellis beach caravan park there was 1 beach front spot and we took it. My favourite things that we have done here are body boarding first thing in the mornings, painting little rocks (because there is a thing going on for kids called #Cairns rocks), playing frisbee, cricket and touch on the sand with Roy (he is on school holidays), collecting mangoes and we went to the Ellis beach bar and grill and had dinner. We also went to Cairns city and in the city there was a big playground with a huge Fig tree going through it! We played on it and we ran across the wobbly bridges, went in the tunnels and slides and climbed on the climbing frame.

 Here we are on the wobbly bridge. 

Here we are on the wobbly bridge. 


This is also the park. 


These are some of the paintings we did. 

 These are the lights that we put up.

These are the lights that we put up.





Kurumba and the Gulf of Carpentaria

Today it was my Dad's birthday and also the 100th day of our trip‼️ We got to the Gulf of Carpentaria and the town there was called Kurumba. First we went to the Burke and Wills camp 119, the northernmost camp on their mission to try to get to the Gulf and back from  Melbourne. At the camp there were 15 trees that were marked by John King and Charles Grey so that they could prove that they got there. They were meant to look after the camp while Burke and Wills went to try to get to the water but they didn't get there because they were running out of water and food. Tonight we watched the sunset and then went to our campsite we got the cake that we made and gave it to Daddy after we had a peice we went to bed. 

Two days after we went on a fishing tour on a boat. It took us half an hour to get out there and when we got to the fishing spot they the boat driver gave us some fishing rods. As soon as we started fishing  Ed caught a little fish but it was too small to keep. Not long after that he caught another one and it was a 45cm and 4kg Salmon! Ed caught the next fish again and it was big enough. Someone else on the boat caught one and it was a huge fish even bigger than the Salmon but for that type of fish it wasn't big enough. Daddy caught a Salmon and it was bigger than Ed's one, Angus caught a Salmon after daddy too! I got a fish that was way too small and Daddy got another one that was called a Devil fish and it's sting is 10 times worse than a blue ringed octopus. 


This is out the back of the boat. 


This is a tree that they calved.


This is a sign of the expodition and the person on the top is Robert Burke and the next is William Wills, the scond bottom is John King and the bottom is Charles Grey.

Mount Isa and Cloncurry

On Thursday we went to Mount Isa and while my Dad went to the shops the rest of the family went to BCF to see if we could get a crossbow and maybe something for my Dad's birthday. They didn't have anything that would be good for my Dad and no crossbows. At Mount Isa they mine Copper, Led, Zinc and Silver. We had lunch and then kept driving until Cloncurry. First we went to the Royal Flying Doctor Service museum and it had videos of them helping people and it had model planes. The starter of it all was John Flynn and he is the person on the 20 dollar note! The lady at the counter said that at the back of the museum was an old car from the 1930's  and she also said that we could play in it. The car was up on a platform and inside it it had gears, an accelarator, a brake and a clutch. After that we went to the Qantas hangar because my Mum and Dad really wanted to because they are both Qantas pilots. It is special because it is where the first Qantas flight landed in 1922 and the hangar hasn't been changed since then. It was very lucy that my Mum and Dad had their ID's because there was security and if they didn't have them we wouldn't have been allowed to go on the runway or in the hangar. Qantas stands for: Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service. 


This is the lookout looking out on Mount Isa.


The Qantas hangar. 

Rainforest walk and wind farm

Today we drove to a wind farm and the wind turbines were 50 metres tall‼️They rotate 36 times a minute! After we left the wind farm just down the road was the start of the rainforest and near there was a rainforest walk. The walk went past some waterfalls and a huge crater- from the platform we were standing on the water was 53 metres below us and from the top of the water to the ground at the bottom was 75 metres down!!!


A cassowary warning sign.


This is us in front of a cassowary.


Here is the crater. 

Father's Day

In the morning it was Father's Day so my brothers my Mum and I gave my Dad all his presents. We got him a candle in a aluminium casing that hangs from a tree, a water proof lantern that changes colour, a coffee maker, we did drawings of him and we did a card which we all wrote in. When we left Darwin we went to a world war II airstrip in Gorrie. We stayed there for 1 night. We didn't do much but when we had a fire we put fire colouring in for Father's Day. The colours that it made the flames go were blue, green and a tiny bit of purple. In the photos you can't see much colour because it's something that the human eye can only see.


Kununurra, Sullivan's creek and Darwin

When we got back to Kununurra we were all really happy because we would be sleeping in our caravan again. We stayed at a campsite called Ivanhoe in Kununurra for a night.

When we left Ivanhoe we stayed at a free camp at Sullivan's creek. We left early and stopped at Katherine and then at Adelaide river. We played in a playground and did some basketball (even though it's none of our favourite sports). That night we made it all the way back to Darwin and we stayed at freespirit again! We also went to the Mindil beach markets and Angus got a whip. We had dinner there and we had baramundi.

The next day we went to the beachfront and had a swim, then we went to the Darwin Museum and gallery and we looked at the biggest saltwater croc ever caught. There was also the huge cyclone called Tracy that wiped out a lot of houses and it was so strong it bent power line poles that were steel. The winds were going at 300km per hour!!! After the Museum we went to Leanyer water park and it was free!!! There were three slides- a blue, yellow and red. The red was my favourite because there were floating rings that you could go on two at a time and it was also the longest- 128m! On our first go on the red we didn't know what it was going to be like and when we went on it it turned pitch black in the first 3 seconds‼️The other slides were smaller so we couldn't go on the rings in them. The yellow slide was 103m and the blue was 115m! At the water park there was a huge bucket that fills up and tips, we went under that a few times and then we left.


The left photo was taken before Cyclone Tracy and the right photo was taken after Cyclone Tracy.

Purnululu national park (the Bungle Bungles)

On the way to Purnululu national park we stayed at a caravan park next to a roadhouse called Roebuck Plains. We got there a bit late but my Mum still had a swim in the pool. The next day my Dad really wanted to see one of the road trains while their stopped so we went over to the roadhouse and there were some road trains there getting fuel and two drivers (a Mum and Dad) let us go in their road train. They let us beep the horn and it was really loud! They said that the road train was 56m long because they had 3 trailers and sometimes they have 4 trailers! When we left we followed them but when we got to Purnululu national park we stopped there but they kept going on for 24 hours! At Purnululu national park we first did a walk to Echidna Chasm that was between two ginormous rocks and some bits of the rock had fallen off but luckily got stuck between the rocks in lower parts. The walk to Echidna Chasm curved a lot and the rangers had to put ladders on some parts because they were too steep to climb. After that we looked at the domes and went to a lookout. The domes looked like bee hives because they had stripes that were black and orange. At the end of the day we went to a different lookout and watched the sun shine fading off the huge rocks.

 This is me in the road train  

This is me in the road train  

 This is how long it is. 

This is how long it is. 

 This is me in front of it. 

This is me in front of it. 


This is Cathedral Gorge. 


These are the domes or bee hives.


This is us looking at one of the rocks that had fallen off the bigger rocks.


This s the lookout that we went to. 


Here are my brothers and me standing in front of the domes.


This is the other lookout we went to. 


This is the sunset lookout.


Here I am with my brothers and my Dad.

Cygnet Bay, Pearl farm

When we left we went to a Pearl farm in Cygnet Bay and we did a tour. The tour went for an hour, but it was really cool. They told us that Pearls are made by oysters, this is how they make them: first they get an oyster out from the ocean, then they put a ball of Mother of Pearl (which is made from the oyster shell) in the shell, they put it back in the ocean in a net so that the oysters can create a layer of pearl over the small ball, but sometimes the oysters spit it out, after that they bring them out and open the shell to see if they got a Pearl inside. At the end we got to see the second biggest Pearl in the Australia  (which is Cygnet Bay's biggest one).


This is the second biggest Pearl in Australia.


This is me holding one of the oyster shells.  


The small ball on the right is a Pearl and the one on the left is the Mother of Pearl ball.


This is me holding the Pearl. 

Kooljaman, Cape Leveque

When we finished the Gibb river road we stayed in Derby for 1 night. The next day we drove to Broome and watched the sunset. When we woke up we drove on a very rough road to Cape Leveque, Kooljaman where we stayed in a hut made of wood and branches right on the beach and we slept in a sleeping bag on the sand. Kooljaman is owned by the local Bardi Jawi people. The beach was very white and the water was sometimes aqua, blue and greenish/blue because a microscopic organism that changes colour in the water. While we were staying there we did an aeroplane flight on a Cessna 210 which only had room for our family. We flew over to Horizontal Falls and Liam (the pilot) told us that Horizontal Falls are the 2 gaps between rocky islands where the water rushes through this happens because there are such huge tides around here, 11 metres difference between high tide and low tide! Liam also told us that people say that there are more than a thousand islands around here, but no one really knows. We saw 9 humpback 🐋 whales with their calves‼️


This is the sunset from our hut.


This is us with the pilot.


This is Kooljaman East beach. 


This is Hunter river. 


This is Cape Leveque. 


Gibb river road

  • On Day 1 of the Gibb river road we drove to Emma gorge where we did a rocky 3 and a half km walk. At Emma gorge it was cold, but there were two small rock pools that were warm. After that we went to stay at El Questro for a few nights. We went to Brankos lookout to see the sunset 🌅, but we just missed the sun. 

On day 2 we met our friends Braden (10) Kaylee (9) and Kai (6) and we went to El Questro gorge with them. The walk to the gorge was 7km and really rocky and some bits were like a rock climb. That night we went to another lookout with them, but again we just missed the sun.

On day 3 as soon as we woke up we went fishing with Braden, Kaylee and Kai. We caught 4 fish,  but they were too small to eat so we put them back in. We did the rope swing too and Braden's friend landed on a fish. We left El Quest ro and went to Zebedee warm springs and we made small walls with rocks. That day we drove across Pentecost river and it had salt water crocs in it! That night we stayed at home valley and did some fishing.  

On day 4 we did more fishing but caught nothing. Ed and Mummy did a horse ride while Angus daddy and I had a swim in the pool. We left home valley and drove to Ellenbrae station where we had home made delicious scones. That night we stayed at a camp next to the Gibb river. 

On day 5  we went up the kalamburu road to king Edward river where we had a swim and then turned  off to Mitchell falls. The road to Mitchell falls was 76km, very rough and a lot of cars break down on it.  

On day 6 we did an 8.6 km walk to Mitchell falls and we saw a few helicopters land. On the way back we had a swim at little mertins falls. When we went to bed we heard a big bang and someone shouted fire 🔥. My dad went over to see what was happening, but it was just a bonfire that the helicopter pilots made and the bang was a milk container in the fire. 

On day 7 we drove back down the Mitchell falls road and we didn't break down. When we got to Drysdale river station we had their famous burgers and they were really good. The staff there gave us a note to give to some people who's trailer was broken. Tonight we stayed at the campground next to manning gorge. 

On day 8 we did a 6km walk to Manning gorge and at the start we had to go on a tinny across Barnett river and the tinny was on ropes so we could pull it back. Manning gorge had jump rocks, I jumped off at 8m and we were doing catches with a ball off 1m. We went under the waterfall too and we could stand there. When we got back we had a swim and we found a rope swing. A boy showed us some jumping rocks and we did a few jumps.

On day 9 we left Manning and went to another gorge called Galvins gorge. It had a rope swing too and jumping rocks too. We drove to an Aboriginal store and got a painting. Then we drove to the end of the Gibb river road‼️

 This is Emma Gorge. 

This is Emma Gorge. 

 This is Emma Gorge. 

This is Emma Gorge. 

 This is a bug that we found on the walk to El Questro gorge. 

This is a bug that we found on the walk to El Questro gorge. 

 This is El Questro gorge. 

This is El Questro gorge. 

 This is Zebedee hot springs. 

This is Zebedee hot springs. 


This is the sunset at Pigeon hole lookout with Braden, Kaylee and Kai.

 This is Mitchell Falls. 

This is Mitchell Falls. 

 This is the pulley boat on the walk to Manning Gorge. 

This is the pulley boat on the walk to Manning Gorge. 

 This is Manning Gorge. 

This is Manning Gorge. 


This is us in front of the Gibb river road sign when we finished the Gibb river road. 

Arnhem Land

These are the trees that we cut for spears.⬇️


This is me next to a tree that we used for bullman. A bullman is a piece of wood that we chop and carve. We put little pieces of wood on the end so that they stick into the back of the spear and. You are supposed to hold on to the bullman and move your arm really fast then suddenly stop but you don't let go of it so the spear goes further than throwing it with your hand.⬇️


This an Aboriginal making a fish 🐟 spear for me. ⬇️


I am putting paper bark on fire and letting it float across the water.⬇️ 


This is a bushfire that we started‼️⬇️(Your only allowed to do that in Arnhem Land). 


This is my brothers, Hunter, Ella and me.⬇️


Arnhem Land

First day of driving to Mapuru! ⬇️


A huuuuge termite mound‼️⬇️ 


A wonderful view of a rainbow 🌈 sunset and awesome cliff! (We camped here on the way to Maparu and on the way back).⬇️ 


A great stop for lunch.⬇️ 


Lunch stop.⬇️ 


A very cool water crossing!⬇️ 


An awesome sunset 🌅. ⬇️ 


This is Hunter with a small Joey.⬇️