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THE TDR-310H.*

Developed in response to customer demand, the TDR-310H has been specifically designed for vertical auger insertion.

* Only just released to market support documentation is base don our 315H sensor which is equally applicable to this sensor, with a couple of notable differences:

  1. 310H waveguide rod length is 10cm (vs 15cm of the TDR-315H)

  2. 310H shape is 25mm (1 inch) cylindrical diameter

Please contact us for further information.


Suggested installation method

When side trenching or disturbing the soil from above is not an option, the 310H is designed to be inserted into a 25mm augered hole to a precise depth of your choosing.

The sensor's recessed shoulders sit on a standard 25mm PVC pipe pressed into the undisturbed soil at the base of the augured hole giving unprecedented TDR accuracy at any depth in undisturbed soil.





A joint venture between Acclima and the USDA, Acclima's TDR-315H® Soil Moisture Sensor is the culmination of years of research, testing and product development.

The first fully integrated digitized Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), providing highly accurate absolute readings of soil moisture under all conditions of temperature and soil chemistry under which crops will grow.

No other soil moisture sensor on the market matches its accuracy and stability. Bar none.

  • No external signal generation/processing electronics equipment needed

  • Costs a fraction of the price of traditional TDRs

  • TDR accuracy

  • Convenient SDI-12 Digital output



  1. Volumetric Water Content (0 to 100% with 0.1% resolution)

  2. Permittivity (1 to 80 with 0.1 unit resolution)

  3. Bulk EC (0 to 5000 μS/cm - resolution depends on reading range)

  4. Pore Water EC (0 to 55000 μS/cm)

  5. Temperature (- 40 to +60 degrees C with 0.1 degree resolution)



Widely recognised as the pinnacle of moisture sensing technology, TRUE TDR sensors have always been limited by a number of factors: low portability, bandwidth limiting coaxial lead cable, and high cost (many thousands of dollars). 

The founder of Acclima Inc, Scott Anderson has changed all that. Leading years of research refining and miniaturising TDR technology, this year releasing this sensor with all required electronics, algorithms and signal processing contained within the sensor's rugged epoxy resin casing with an industry standard SDI-12 interface. 

highly suited to "insertion style" soil readings making the sensor very user-friendly in the field.


Acclima Reliability

Rugged 316 stainless-steel waveguide. Expected in-service life in excess of 20 years.



Latest TDR-315 News

TDR-315 Research Paper by Dr Robert Schwartz, USDA



  • Large 100 ml soil sample volume

  • SDI-12 Version 1.3 Interface

  • Compatible with SDI-12 Data Loggers including Acclima's DataSnap

  • Derives VWC from ±1% of true permittivity in soils out to 4 dS/m Bulk EC

  • Soil temperature resolution ±0.2 degree C.

  • No calibration. Works in ALL soils

  • No maintenance, simple penetration-style insertion

  • Linear range of 0-100% volume water content

  • Moisture readings remain stable as soil salinity, fertiliser content & temperature change

  • Moisture sense time of <1 second

  • Very low power, battery operable

Data Sheet

Click to Download Data Sheet

Click to Download Data Sheet