THE RD1200.

The World's First Fully Integrated TRUE TDR Digital Soil Moisture Sensor Reader.




Developed in response to customer demand, the RD1200 combines Acclima's patented TDR-315L® Soil Moisture Sensor technology with an easy to use handheld interface for instant readings out in the field.


  1. Volumetric Water Content (0 to 100% with 0.1% resolution)

  2. Permittivity (1 to 80 with 0.1 unit resolution)

  3. Bulk EC (0 to 5000 μS/cm - resolution depends on reading range)

  4. Pore Water EC (0 to 55000 μS/cm)

  5. Temperature (- 40 to +60 degrees C with 0.1 degree resolution)


Additional Functionality

  • Data storage/export - data can be stored on the device and exported via the included USB thumb drive to PC or Mac

  • Irrigation recommendations - instant analysis of soil offers recommended irrigation moisture thresholds based on soil type

  • Waveform Capture - a request form our soil scientists who can now see the full TDR returned waveform

  • Multiple sensors - Can be used with multiple TDR-315 sensors simply by connecting via waterproof M12 Connectors (can be ordered separately)

Acclima Reliability

Rugged 316 stainless-steel waveguide. Expected in-service life in excess of 20 years.



  • Large 150 ml soil sample volume

  • SDI-12 Version 1.3 Interface

  • Compatible with SDI-12 Data Loggers including Acclima's DataSnap

  • Derives VWC from ±1% of true permittivity in soils out to 4 dS/m Bulk EC

  • Soil temperature resolution ±0.2 degree C.

  • No calibration. Works in ALL soils

  • No maintenance, simple penetration-style insertion

  • Linear range of 0-100% volume water content

  • Moisture readings remain stable as soil salinity, fertiliser content & temperature change

  • Moisture sense time of <1 second

  • Very low power, battery operable