THE RD1200.

The World's First Fully Integrated TRUE TDR Digital Soil Moisture Sensor Reader.

SDI-12 Sensor Reader.jpg



Developed in response to customer demand, the RD1200 combines Acclima's patented TDR-315L® Soil Moisture Sensor technology with an easy to use handheld interface for instant readings out in the field.

The world’s only fully integrated TRUE TDR Handheld reader.


  1. Volumetric Water Content (0 to 100% with 0.1% resolution)

  2. Permittivity (1 to 80 with 0.1 unit resolution)

  3. Bulk EC (0 to 5000 μS/cm - resolution depends on reading range)

  4. Pore Water EC (0 to 55000 μS/cm)

  5. Temperature (- 40 to +60 degrees C with 0.1 degree resolution)


Additional Functionality

  • Data storage/export - data can be stored on the device and exported via the included USB thumb drive to PC or Mac

  • Irrigation recommendations - instant analysis of soil offers recommended irrigation moisture thresholds based on soil type

  • Waveform Capture - a request form our soil scientists who can now see the full TDR returned waveform

  • Multiple sensors - Can be used with multiple TDR-315 sensors simply by connecting via waterproof M12 Connectors (can be ordered separately)

Acclima Reliability

Rugged 316 stainless-steel waveguide. Expected in-service life in excess of 20 years.



Acclima SDI-12 Case.jpg
  • Large 150 ml soil sample volume

  • SDI-12 Version 1.3 Interface

  • Compatible with SDI-12 Data Loggers including Acclima's DataSnap

  • Derives VWC from ±1% of true permittivity in soils out to 4 dS/m Bulk EC

  • Soil temperature resolution ±0.2 degree C.

  • No calibration. Works in ALL soils

  • No maintenance, simple penetration-style insertion

  • Linear range of 0-100% volume water content

  • Moisture readings remain stable as soil salinity, fertiliser content & temperature change

  • Moisture sense time of <1 second

  • Very low power, battery operable