Cape Leveque

When we finished the Gibb River Rd, we drove through Derby, Broome then up a long bumpy road AGAIN to our campsite at Cape Leveque. We stayed in a beach front shelter right on the sand which was REALLY REALLY white. The water was unbelievably aqua blue. We saw lots of Humpback whales swimming past jumping into the air and spraying water in the air. this is called breaching and breathing through their blow hole in the top of their head. They were swimming beside their new babies called calves.


Mummy and daddy let us sleep out under the stars on two big blue mats and our sleeping bags on the sand. I loved it because we could see the stars at night and the sunrise was really good.


Today we went on the coolest plane ride ever. It could only just fit our family because it had 5 spare seats. I got to go in the cool back seat (see picture) and Daddy sat next to the pilot. When the pilot started the engine it took a few minutes for the propellor to get really really fast. When we took off we just missed the trees and then we suddenly saw aqua blue water which I really wanted  Toto swim in. We ended up seeing 9 whales and their calves and lots of islands. The big reason for the flight was to see the horizontal falls which is water rushing through a narrow gap between two islands about 9 metres apart. Lots and lots of white water - like a waterfall lying down! This all happens because the tides are really big here. The tide goes up and down 10 metres. Sydney is normally about 1-2 metres. The Pilot kept taking to us on our headphones which was really annoying and loud. Mummy and Daddy liked it though.


We went on a pearl tour at Cygnet bay pearl farm and we saw a video of the men diving to the bottom of the ocean to get massive ousters for the shiny pearls.We got to open a ouster and it had a shiny pearl in it!



this is us in a little plane. 


This is the second biggest pearl in Australia. It is 19mm wide and very expensive!