On the 18th day we woke up extremely early and we went to Uluru and in the car we were really excited to see Uluru. We thought it was Uluru but when we got closer to it we saw that it was really Mount Conner! About half an hour later we saw Uluru and we parked and had a break of siting in the car. In the car I thought it was going to be kind of sandy but when we got closer to it it was really rocky! We raced to touch it. We drove around it and we saw the old runway where my grandpa used to land his plane, right next to Uluru. 

We saw Uluru change colour so meny times! We saw the sunset, it was really colourful. In the morning we went to the highest sand dune to eat breakfast and do a time lapse video. Then we went back to our caravan and we went to a different caravan park.