The next day we went to a place called Longreach. When we got there we found a nice campsite so we left our caravan and went to a Qantas museum. When we got to the museum we booked a tour and when we did that we looked at some of the cool little model planes. When it was time to go on the tour we went and met the tour gide and the other people on the tour and then we went to look under the massive 747. The plane after that (a B707) was a little bit smaller than the 747 and a bit dirty. At the end, the tour guide said if the red light is off it meanes the engine is off. My dad flies the big 747. My favourite part of the tour was when we went in the 747 and when we went upstairs in the big room. It was so cool!


This is our car next to the big 747.


this is our family standing in the engine of the plane.


This is me and my brothers standing in the cockpit of the 747.