When we got to a place called Townsville we found a nice campsite so we camped there for a week. We camped there for a week because my dad had to go to work, so while he was gone my mum went for a run and we scooted with her. After that when it was starting to get dark we rode to the office of the campsite and got some movies, when we got back from the office we put one of the movies into our TV in the caravan. We watched a movie called The Reef and my favourite part was when the sharks were trying to get through the gaps of the big rocks, the little fish were trying to get away from the reef so they don't get eaten by the sharks. We were watching the movies because it was raining the whole week it was so annoying but it was still good because we got to watch the movies.

In Townsville we went to a pirate museum that had cool stuff about pirates. There was a video of when the huge salling boat was sinking in the big blue ocean, cool stories about pirates, one of the stories said ' sometimes the big boat had more rats than people! There were two canons that you could shoot out balls, you needed to try and shoot eachother with the balls.