Ellis Beach and the Great Barrier Reef

At a beach near Cairns called Ellis beach there is a caravan park on the beach. We loved it so much so we stayed there for three weeks, there were so many palm trees 🌴 in front of us it was beautiful. After two weeks our friends called Coby and Ayden arrived. As soon as they got here we played rugby on the beach and then we went for a swim. After that we painted little rocks and I painted snake, ice cream, ladybug, watermelon, palm tree, dot painting, and a pineapple, it was very fun. 

The first day we went on a bush walk to Mossman gorge.

On  another day we went to a place called Josephine falls with a natural rock water slide.

Near Josephine falls there was another water hole that had big boulders that we jumped of into the water.

On another day we went on a big white boat that went out to the Outer Reef of the Great Barrier Reef. The water was filled with lots of different types of colourful corals. We got to snorkel for an hour at 3 different places and then they beeped the horn. The water was crystal clear and it was nice because when you got tired you could float and look at the amazingly bright and colourful coral. We went with one of the crew and saw a giant clam that my dad duck dived down to and a turtle flapping it's flippers in the amazing light blue water, it was so amazing.


this is me my dad and my brothers about to go snorkelling in the incredible water.

this is a photo very early in the bright morning.  

 this is Coby and Ayden with my brothers and me standing on the front of the big boat.

this is Coby and Ayden with my brothers and me standing on the front of the big boat.


This is a sun rise photo that I took really early in the morning. 


this is when me Toby and my mum.


This is me munching sugar before it has been harvest, it was so yummy.


This is me with my mask, flipes and wetsoot about to go snorkelling. 


This is our friends family and our family with the big boat that we went on to get to the outer reef. 


This is drone footige from our drone at Ellis beach.  Our van is near the middle with our grey car in front.