Sweet sweet home

Finally when we got back we were happy and not happy because we loved the trip so so much but we were really excited to see all our friends and see lovely Sydney again. My favourite part of the trip was probably the Gibb River road and the Great Barrier Reef. I loved the Gibb River road because all the gorges were so nice and beautiful. But I loved the Great Barrier Reef beacause the coral was so bright and coloful and the water was so clear so you could see so far ahead of you.


After a long and bumpy day of driving we finally got to a nice place called Winton, when we got there we went to the Winton club that was in a very old building, that was where they founded Qantas. We found a nice campsite so we reversed our caravan into the narrow spot, it was starting to get dark so we went out for dinner at a nice pub. When we finished our dinner we went acros the rode and watched the rugby, arfter that we went back to our caravan and then we went to bed.


This is the hotel that we stayed out the back of.


This is inside the hotel at the spot where Banjo Paterson’s famous Australian song Waltzing Matilda was performed the very first time in 1895.


 First thing in the morning we went to the cattle yards. When we got there we went to the top platforms and had a look at the people going around and putting the catttle in the other fences. After that we went down to the ground and had a closer look. The person who was saying the prices is an auctioneer. The guy who was saying the prices was saying it incredibly fast. Some of the people who were putting the cattle in the other fences were on horses, the horses were so good.


This is me and my brothers standing on the platform and looking at the cattle.  


this is the auctioneer saying the princess of the cattle.


Theas are the farmers looking to see which cows they want to buy.

Dinosaur museum

We drove to a big dinosaur museum in a small town called Hughenden. At the start there was a big dinosaur without the skin. The bones got found by a little boy when he was playing on his property and when he found the bones he dug them up and showed them to his mum, when he went to his dad he showed them to him and his dad said there dinosaur bones, so they called the museum and they made the big dinosaur! It was called Muttaburasauras. The bones are 110 million years old!


This is the big Mattaburasauras that they made with the bones that the boy found on his property.


The next day we went to a place called Longreach. When we got there we found a nice campsite so we left our caravan and went to a Qantas museum. When we got to the museum we booked a tour and when we did that we looked at some of the cool little model planes. When it was time to go on the tour we went and met the tour gide and the other people on the tour and then we went to look under the massive 747. The plane after that (a B707) was a little bit smaller than the 747 and a bit dirty. At the end, the tour guide said if the red light is off it meanes the engine is off. My dad flies the big 747. My favourite part of the tour was when we went in the 747 and when we went upstairs in the big room. It was so cool!


This is our car next to the big 747.


this is our family standing in the engine of the plane.


This is me and my brothers standing in the cockpit of the 747.  


When we got to a place called Townsville we found a nice campsite so we camped there for a week. We camped there for a week because my dad had to go to work, so while he was gone my mum went for a run and we scooted with her. After that when it was starting to get dark we rode to the office of the campsite and got some movies, when we got back from the office we put one of the movies into our TV in the caravan. We watched a movie called The Reef and my favourite part was when the sharks were trying to get through the gaps of the big rocks, the little fish were trying to get away from the reef so they don't get eaten by the sharks. We were watching the movies because it was raining the whole week it was so annoying but it was still good because we got to watch the movies.

In Townsville we went to a pirate museum that had cool stuff about pirates. There was a video of when the huge salling boat was sinking in the big blue ocean, cool stories about pirates, one of the stories said ' sometimes the big boat had more rats than people! There were two canons that you could shoot out balls, you needed to try and shoot eachother with the balls.



Top of Australia 🇦🇺

When our friends left we left our caravan and took our tent in our ute and drove up to the top of Australia. On the way we stayed in the Daintree rainforest it's the oldest rainforest in the world. On a walk through the rainforest there was a funny fruit called idiot fruit and it was a big blue berry it is poisoners for people but not for animals like cassowaries.

The next day we went to Cook town and there was a museum that had cool stuff about captain Cook. Captain Cook sailed from England to explore Australia but they crashed in the Great Barrier Reef. 

It still took a few days to get to the tip of Australia. When we got there we went on a walk to get to a sign that said 'You are standing at the northernmost point of the Australian Continent.' At the sign there were two big hairy mountains and then just wide ocean.


At a beach with hundreds of piles of rocks called cairns, in Cairns ha ha.  

 This is me standing with some piles of rocks called cairns, we built some.

This is me standing with some piles of rocks called cairns, we built some.


This is my dad my brothers and me siting around the smoking fire. 


This is my brothers and me listening to the audio gide that tells you cool things as you walk around.



This is where the funny fruit called idiot fruit is. 


This is when we went on a walk through the rainforest with lots of dinosaurs on the side.


This is my brothers me and my dad standing on this really nice beach at Cape Tribulation, where Captain Cook went, but it has crocodiles so you can't swim.  

 This is my brothers and me standing with a statue of Captain Cook.

This is my brothers and me standing with a statue of Captain Cook.

 Captain Cook crashed on the reef and found a high bit of land and tried to find a way through the reef, he found a way through the colourful reef.

Captain Cook crashed on the reef and found a high bit of land and tried to find a way through the reef, he found a way through the colourful reef.

 This is a place that we camped with a emu called Ozzie, she tried to eat our food. 

This is a place that we camped with a emu called Ozzie, she tried to eat our food. 


This is when we went to a waterfall and it was called fruit bat falls, you can swim in this beautiful waterfall. 

 This is the gravel rode to the look out of the edge of Australia. 

This is the gravel rode to the look out of the edge of Australia. 


This is our family standing at the edge of Australia.

We hired these cool billy carts and rode around and around the caravan park it was really fun.


we camped at this beautiful beach


Ellis Beach and the Great Barrier Reef

At a beach near Cairns called Ellis beach there is a caravan park on the beach. We loved it so much so we stayed there for three weeks, there were so many palm trees 🌴 in front of us it was beautiful. After two weeks our friends called Coby and Ayden arrived. As soon as they got here we played rugby on the beach and then we went for a swim. After that we painted little rocks and I painted snake, ice cream, ladybug, watermelon, palm tree, dot painting, and a pineapple, it was very fun. 

The first day we went on a bush walk to Mossman gorge.

On  another day we went to a place called Josephine falls with a natural rock water slide.

Near Josephine falls there was another water hole that had big boulders that we jumped of into the water.

On another day we went on a big white boat that went out to the Outer Reef of the Great Barrier Reef. The water was filled with lots of different types of colourful corals. We got to snorkel for an hour at 3 different places and then they beeped the horn. The water was crystal clear and it was nice because when you got tired you could float and look at the amazingly bright and colourful coral. We went with one of the crew and saw a giant clam that my dad duck dived down to and a turtle flapping it's flippers in the amazing light blue water, it was so amazing.


this is me my dad and my brothers about to go snorkelling in the incredible water.

this is a photo very early in the bright morning.  

 this is Coby and Ayden with my brothers and me standing on the front of the big boat.

this is Coby and Ayden with my brothers and me standing on the front of the big boat.


This is a sun rise photo that I took really early in the morning. 


this is when me Toby and my mum.


This is me munching sugar before it has been harvest, it was so yummy.


This is me with my mask, flipes and wetsoot about to go snorkelling. 


This is our friends family and our family with the big boat that we went on to get to the outer reef. 


This is drone footige from our drone at Ellis beach.  Our van is near the middle with our grey car in front.


We drove through a rainforest to get to an amazing walk. At the start of the walk we saw a cassowary in the bushes. On it's long neck the colours were blue and red but the rest of the body was black. Cassowarys are only in rainforests in Australia  🇦🇺 and Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 The sound that Cassowaries make is incredible, when they get angry they can kill people.


Fishing trip

We drove to a litle town that is called Karumba. When we got there it was nearly diner time so we went  to a big pub we went in a bit named the sandy bar. We were just watching the sun gowing slowly down behind the horizon, and then we had the best fish and chips, it was a great night. We went on an awesome fishing trip that went for half the day out into the Gulf of Carpentaria. The boat and water was dirty but that didn't mater because some fish like muddy water. I caught 4 fish but we threw 3 back because they were poisonous! The ones that we kept were the blue salmon and the bream. We ate my fish first, It was so yummy! I loved it.

 My dad caught a massive shovel nose shark. It looked so hard to wind in. It was so big that we were holding it higher than the edge of the big boat and it was still touching the ground.

My dad caught a massive shovel nose shark. It looked so hard to wind in. It was so big that we were holding it higher than the edge of the big boat and it was still touching the ground.


This is a fish that I caught it was called blue thread fin Salmon.   

Mount Isa

On the 98th day we crossed the border into Queensland and we camped at this awesome place called Camooweal. It was on the edge of a lake and a man said he saw a brown snake 🐍 slide off into the bushes. The next day we went to Mount Isa where they mine for copper, silver, lead and zinc. We went to the awesome lookout. Next we went to a town called Cloncurry and we went to the RFDS museum. RFDS means Royal Flying Doctors Service. If you are really hurt and you are in the middle of nowhere they fly you to a hospital. The RFDS started in 1928 at Cloncurry. At the airport we saw the QANTAS hangar which hasn't changed since the first QANTAS flight that went there in 1922!


Boab nut

It was really exciting to get back to our caravan because we had been sleeping in a tent for more than two weeks.

In Kununurra we met some very fun Aboriginal people. We bought some carved boab nuts that they made. I love them because the patterns are really cool.

In Darwin we went to a free water park. The slide colours were yellow, blue and red. The yellow slide was the shortest, the blue slide was longer, and the red slide was the longest. The red slide was pitch black! It was light and then it suddenly turned dark.



At Purnululu National Park we did some walks. We climbed through massive rocks at a gorge called Echidna Chasm. We went to a lookout for the incredible sunset. The really bright and colourful sun was shining on the red Bungle Bungles. It was so awesome I loved it.

 This is me my brothers and my dad standing in two massive rocks. 

This is me my brothers and my dad standing in two massive rocks. 


This is when we were looking up at rocks that had fallen and got stuck. 


Massive road train!

We stayed at a roadhouse, that's where people and trucks get fuel and food, and you can camp there. We met road train drivers and we got to look inside it. Behind their seats they have a bed and a microwave. One person drives wile the other person relaxes and then they swap. They drive a long long way because they drive all day and all night. They have a little sausage dog 🐕. The road train was 56m long!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is me in a road train. 


Cape Leveque

When we finished the Gibb River Rd, we drove through Derby, Broome then up a long bumpy road AGAIN to our campsite at Cape Leveque. We stayed in a beach front shelter right on the sand which was REALLY REALLY white. The water was unbelievably aqua blue. We saw lots of Humpback whales swimming past jumping into the air and spraying water in the air. this is called breaching and breathing through their blow hole in the top of their head. They were swimming beside their new babies called calves.


Mummy and daddy let us sleep out under the stars on two big blue mats and our sleeping bags on the sand. I loved it because we could see the stars at night and the sunrise was really good.


Today we went on the coolest plane ride ever. It could only just fit our family because it had 5 spare seats. I got to go in the cool back seat (see picture) and Daddy sat next to the pilot. When the pilot started the engine it took a few minutes for the propellor to get really really fast. When we took off we just missed the trees and then we suddenly saw aqua blue water which I really wanted  Toto swim in. We ended up seeing 9 whales and their calves and lots of islands. The big reason for the flight was to see the horizontal falls which is water rushing through a narrow gap between two islands about 9 metres apart. Lots and lots of white water - like a waterfall lying down! This all happens because the tides are really big here. The tide goes up and down 10 metres. Sydney is normally about 1-2 metres. The Pilot kept taking to us on our headphones which was really annoying and loud. Mummy and Daddy liked it though.


We went on a pearl tour at Cygnet bay pearl farm and we saw a video of the men diving to the bottom of the ocean to get massive ousters for the shiny pearls.We got to open a ouster and it had a shiny pearl in it!



this is us in a little plane. 


This is the second biggest pearl in Australia. It is 19mm wide and very expensive!

Drysdale Burgers and Gorges Gorges Gorges.

At the end of the huge Mitchell falls walk we were really hungry and were were really looking forward to (begging for) the yummy burgers that Mummy and Daddy promised us at Drysdale Station after we drove out. 

When we got them we were really excited and they wreathe best cheese burgers we've ever had!! I loved them!!


Then it was time for Manning Gorge in the afternoon. At the start of the walk there was a huge obstacle - big river that we had to cross. So they had a boat tied up to a flying fox pulley to pull ourselves across! It was really hard to pull our whole family across. It did say it was only meant for 3 people at once, but we fit our whole family in (five). Oops.


Home Valley Station

I really wanted to go horse riding and finally we found a good place to do it. My horse had a white stripe on his head and his eyes were massive. His name was Bundy. When we went down a hill it felt like I was going to fall forward on him! The horse in front of me pooped and Bundy nearly stepped in it! It was really fun, I loved it.  


Our campsite was a great spot for fishing. We didn't catch anything but some nice people gave us a garfish! This is the Pentecost river and it has big saltwater crocodiles in it. Daddy saw two!