DATA SNAP SDI-12 data logger

Researchers Love Acclima Technology!

Find out why by reading what the research says.

The Acclima DataSnap is the simplest standalone SDI-12 universal data logger available on the market today. 

Fully compatible with Acclima TDR and TDT Sensors.



  • Accommodates up to 10 SDI-12 sensors

  • Connect sensor & click button

  • No SDI-12 programming knowledge required

  • Adding Acclima sensors is even easier - DataSnap will find all attached Acclima sensors with the click of a button.

  • Take manual readings any time

When used in conjunction with Acclima's Patented Soil Moisture Sensors, the most accurate and stable sensors in the industry, you are able to capture the following data:

  1. Soil Moisture

  2. Soil Temperature

  3. Soil Conductivity

  4. Soil Permittivity

What’s Included in the Box

  • DataSnap data logger

  • Acclima SnapView software

  • 1m USB A/B cable

  • 12V wall-mount transformer

  • AA battery power pack (pictured sensors sold separately).


Data Storage Space:

A DataSnap with 10 configured Acclima moisture sensors, reading sensors every 30 minutes can store up to 4 months worth of data. To increase the time span of the logged data, reduce the number of sensors or take readings less often.

5 sensors = 8 months storage.

When the DataSnap’s memory is full it will erase a few of the oldest readings and write the new readings. This means the DataSnap will not stop logging when its memory is full. But data that was replaced is permanently lost.



DataSnap connects to your PC and our powerful SnapView software via USB.


Battery Life

The included battery pack holds 8 AA batteries.A DataSnap with 10 configured Acclima moisture sensors, reading sensors every 30 minutes can last for 1 year on a single set of batteries. This is a typical scenario and varies greatly based on the power consumption of the sensors as well as the quality of the batteries.

Alternatively the data snap can be powered by it's own transformer, or powered via a connected computer via USB cable.


Bundled SnapView Software

Configures Captures and Analyses all your DataSnap data.

Acclima SnapView software simplifies DataSnap configuration and synchronization via USB. It can manage multiple DataSnap connections and retrieve real-time sensor data from each. SnapView provides options for viewing data in table or graph formats. Data is easily exported for use in other analytical applications. SnapView is compatible with any Windows™ based PC (XP or newer).



Hardware Features:
Data logging of the first 5 datapoints of the SDI-12 M! command.
USB to SDI-12 Bridge
Supports powering sensors from the USB bus (5V only)
Supports an optional 12V power adapter
Short circuit protection
Acclima SnapView software provided
Compatible with terminal software applications like HyperTerminal or PuTTy
Supports 3rd party software development


SnapView Software Features:
Automatically synchronizes all connected DataSnaps
Manual reading of sensors
Supports connecting to an unlimited number of DataSnaps
Setup wizard for simple DataSnap configuration


Data Storage Space:
Total Memory Capacity = 59392 Sensor Scans
Each sensor scan may contain up to 5 data points
The estimated storage capacity of the DataSnap's memory is dependent on the the sensor count and reading interval.

Note:  When the memory is full, the DataSnap will replace the oldest data with the most recently collected data.  This means the DataSnap will not stop logging when its memory is full, but old data will be permanently lost if not collected within the required time frame (see Estimated Storage Capacity).