Ravenshoe, Rainforest


Today we went on a walk through a rainforest to a crater. On the way we saw a very colourful cassowary, its very long neck had a nice bright purplish blue clolour, dangling down from its chin was a long red flap of skin which is called a wattle. We think it was guarding its nest because it was standing still and staring at us. The crater was made by a meteorite  that came crashing down from space. The walk to the crater went right through a beautiful rainforest. The crater was 50 metres deep until it turned into water, and the water was around 70 metres deep! We threw some sticks down from the viewing platform, and after nearly 10 seconds we saw the splash as it hit the murky green water. After the crater walk we camped at Ravenshoe (pronounced Ravens-hoe) which is the highest town in Queensland. It is around 1,200 metres above sea level! In the morning we visited a wind farm where we heard actually how loud wind turbines are. After learning all about wind turbines we drove on a very bendy road through a tropical rainforest. After a few hours of driving through the rainforest we finally arrived in Cairns!