Gulf of Carpentaria: Kurumba


In the morning we celebrated my Dad's birthday and we also realised that it was the 100th day of our trip! In the afternoon we arrived in Kurumba. Kurumba is one of the only few towns on the Gulf of Carpentaria. That night we went to the Sunset Tavern where we watched the amazing sunset, then we had the best fish and chips for dinner that we had ever had! The fish was a barramundi and it was caught there in Kurumba that day! 


Two days later, we got up early because we were going on a fishing charter and the fishing was better early in the morning. We went out onto the reef first and I caught a 25cm brim, but the ocean was too rough so we went closer in to shore. After a few minutes my brother caught a 50cm blue threadfin salmon! Then my dad caught an even bigger blue threadfin salmon which was about 60cm! One of the other passengers soon caught a baby reef shark! Just when we were about to go back to shore we got a big bite, when we finally managed to get it onto the boat, we realised that it was a massive shovel-nosed shark! After that we wound our lines in and went back to shore. We were sad that it was finished but very happy that we had caught so many big fish and would try them in the next few nights.