Lake Argyle


Today we crossed the border of Northern Territory into Western Australia. We had to dump all of our fresh fruit and veggies and our honey at the border so that we didn't bring any new bugs into WA. We found a free camp to stay at right beside the Ord River. Then we went to an infinity pool looking out onto Lake Argyle.  Lake Argyle was originally a river but they made it into a lake by building a dam wall to stop the water from flowing out. It was made in 1972 and took three years to build! Lake Argyle is 70 kilometres long, making it 90 times bigger than Sydney Harbor! 

The next day we hired a boat and a double kiak for half a day at Lake Argyle we went fishing and looking around at the wonderful views. Then we went to a sloped rock that we could jump off. But I wasn't allowed to jump from the top though. Then we had to give the kiak and boat back and start packing up to leave Lake Argyle.