Day 7 to 8 Lipson Cove - Port Lincoln - Coffin Bay - Tumby Bay - Woomoora

In the morning I woke up with an awesome view of the beach and the sunrise πŸŒ… We then drove to Port Lincoln where we had lunch and stretched our legs for a bit. Since Coffin Bay is so famous for their oysters we went and had a try but my taste buds did not agree. Then we drove on to a nice spot to stay the night. After we were all ready to stay the night, we walked to a nearby lake and had a little snack while we watched a dolphin 🐬 playing with the sunset reflecting onto the water. We then walked back to the camp site to watch the rugby πŸ‰ then to toast our marshmallows.But then we heard that our caravan was flooding! By the time we had cleaned it up, it was almost time for bed😴

The next day we started off with some delicious bacon πŸ₯“ and eggs🍳 YumπŸ˜‹ After we had finished all of the bacon and eggs we went to play for a few hours. When we finished playing we had to go into the camp kitchen to go wash up😩 When everything was clean we went outside and we saw two emus playing around! We then set off to Coofin Bay national park. We drove all the way to the lookout where there was an amazing view of the water way down below. After we had lunch on the lookout we drove to Tumby Bay where we stayed the night. 

Tonight we went to a space observetary which was a small dome with a gap in the roof, so the telescope could look out into the night🌌 We saw alpha centauri which is the brightest pointer star, the omega cluster which is just a lot of far away stars close together, the jewel box cluster who's stars look like a box of sparkling jewels, Saturn and of course the moonπŸŒ”