Daintree Rainforest


On our trip up to Cape York we went through the Daintree Rainforest. We stopped at a place along the road where they had walking bridges that went higher and higher as you went along. They gave us an audio guide that was shaped like a telephone, that as you went along the bridge there were numbers on the railings that you typed into the audio guide and it told you facts about the interesting things that you could see in that spot. There was also a big tower with four levels that was twenty-three metres high! The top platform was right up in the treetops and you could hear and see more birds chirping and flying around. The audio guide told us that the leaves higher up were smaller and the leaves near the bottom were bigger, because the leaves need sunlight so it would be harder for the ones near the bottom to get sunlight because there is shade on them from the other trees. After going up on to the tower we went down on the path on the ground and saw a massive golden orb spider that had made a gigantic web between two trees about two metres from the path. We passed some big, moving, fake dinosaurs that roared, moved their heads and shook their tails as you passed them. They put them there because the Daintree Rainforest was there when the dinosaurs were alive which makes it the oldest rainforest in the world! Even older than the Amazon Rainforest. Even though we didn’t see a cassowary, the walk was still really fun and interesting.